NO RISK Commercial Private Money Solution!


NO RISK Commercial Private Money Solution! 

One of the biggest risks when dealing with commercial private money transactions is that you have to fork over a lot of cash just to find out if the lender will even get your deal done or not. All the risk is on the you. The lender gets money upfront with a simple letter of interest that is non-binding, and then spends that money to determine if they want to move forward. They have risked nothing but if they deny it, the client has lost big time. Well, we have a private money solution that takes that risk COMPLETELY AWAY. Let me explain.

Give us a Call Today at 866-400-8630, We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone!

Our private money solution operates differently. We do not kick out term sheets trying to get the deal in the door and then collect fees while we determine if we even want to do the deal. We fully underwrite and issue only one letter-our conditional commitment to fund. There is no second step. It works like this, first, we underwrite it and determine if it is solid deal, we mostly looking at the validity of the exit strategy-does it all make sense. If we like it, we send it to credit committee. If the credit committee likes it, we kick out our approval. That is the only approval they will get. It will be conditional on the appraisal, clear title, and whatever other stips we need to do the loan. You will know upfront what those stips are and can determine right then if you can meet them.

We have you pay the appraiser separately like all lenders. Now if you move forward we do collect a fee to offset the costs of title, closing docs, etc. but this upfront is rarely ever greater than $2500 AND YOUR LOAN IS ALREADY FULLY APPROVED. So there is really no further risk other than the obvious, a low appraisal, some hiccup on title, etc. We will shop and order the appraisal through local appraisers and will take your suggestions. We will use recent appraisals if ordered by a bank and just have them assigned over and updated, saving even more costs and reducing the risk even greater.

 Give us a Call Today at 866-400-8630, We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone!

In fact, if you had to dream up of a way that private money lenders should operate, this is exactly what you would come up with. That is not a co-incidence. We created this fund after doing many deals and seeing what works and what doesn’t. The result is our private money fund. If you know someone who needs private money, whether it is for speed (we can close in 8 days) or because of some issue that keeps it from conventional money, this is the best option for them.


We will underwrite the deal for FREE, we will make a determination and if we want to do the deal, we will issue only one approval with all stips disclosed up front.  It is the best private money loan on the planet. And we do deals under $1 million which few private money lenders want to mess with. In fact, that is our main niche.


What have you got to lose-it is a risk free solution to meeting the needs of getting your deal closed without those inflated due diligent fees the other private money lenders charge. Call me directly to run a deal by me at 866-400-8630 or e-mail me at What have you got to lose? Call me today!


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Give us a Call Today at 866-400-8630, We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone!


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