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In homage to the Twitter phenomenon, I thought I would write this week about the loans I am seeing more of recently.  Some of these are increasing because we have been marketing them.  Some are increasing because the market is hot but, for whatever reason, the three loan types below are increasing dramatically of late in our pipeline, they are indeed-trending now!



We Close More Commercial Mortgage Loans than Anyone. Give us a call today to get your loan closed at 866-400-8630 or 512-650-8630.


Investor Financing – For investor deals above $1 million, money is flowing VERY strongly again.  Hedge funds, life companies, conduits are flush with cash and VERY aggressive in this space.  Rates are generally in the 4’s for long term financing-often 10 year fixed with a 25 year amort.  Three (3) months ago it was only apartments that were getting attention.  The money is now looking at all main asset classes where the cash flow is strong-credit tenant, grocery anchored retail, office, industrial is all being bid on aggressively.  I have gotten fantastic terms for properties in tertiary markets, for borrowers with shorter lease terms then you would even think possible 3 months ago.  What is most encouraging is how the financing is NOT government backed-as opposed to residential financing that is all FNMA and FHA.  In commercial, there is a ton of money right now and, it wants to get deployed-this may be the VERY BEST TIME FOR INVESTORS TO PURCHASE AND REFINANCE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE.  Rates are low, prices are still generally low, (except in class A apartments where we are near all-time highs), but they are beginning to climb and even appraisals have been coming in at or above value which has not happened in a long time.


Franchise Financing  This is GOOD NEWS FOR THE ECONOMY.  Every time we close a franchise start-up, it is 10-20 new jobs created.  These are typically business only loans and 70% of what we do is start-up financing.  We may close as many as 10 next month-this market has really taken off.  We are able to do second stores for franchises with just 10% down-with NO real estate collateral! We can do start-up restaurants and franchises with NO real estate collateral, and we are able to do start-up restaurants and franchises with NO experience if they have real estate collateral.  We have the most complete franchise financing options available in the market for start-up, expansion or new stores.  If you have a franchise deal-we are the #1 source in the country!



We Close More Loans For Doctors than anyone.  Give us a call today to discuss your deal at 866-400-8630 or 512-650-8630.  



100% Doctor Loans – Yes, doctors have access to money that most other clients do not.  We can do 100% financing for start-ups, we can do 100% financing on equipment, build-out and working capital.  We can do practice financing at above 100%!  One loan we closed last month was 100% of the purchase of the practice, no real estate-just the business financing and we rolled in working capital to get her 120% financing!  Her rate was fixed for 10 years at 4.6%.  All of these loans are done conventionally-NOT SBA.  That is huge.  There seems to be no worry about Obamacare, we have multiple lending sources aggressively doing doctor loans!


In short, the commercial market is VERY healthy right now and that bodes well for the economy!





Wishing you the best,


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Karen Schimpf 
P.S. We lend from Dallas, Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander to San Antonio Texas and even nationwide, as you can see we have numerous commercial products available.  We close more commercial loans than anyone, give us a call today at 866-400-8630 or 512-650-8630.






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