That’s right, here on Tuesday, November 6th, I know the outcome of the election. No, I am not a psychic. The outcome of the election is this: continued government deficits and an increasingly weakened America.



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Oh, the Democrats will say Obama’s next 4 years will be different-of course. I know the Republican’s are confident that Romney will be different. Since Clinton, every President has promised to reduce the deficit, then things come up, and the deficit grows. Remember 4 years ago, Obama railed against Bush’s trillion dollar deficit that he ran his last 2 years and then put together 4 straight years of trillion dollar deficits. I know, Romney is going to cut the funding to Big Bird but, that is like me cutting my daughter’s $3.00 a month Poptropica account. It saves some money but, it won’t fix the problem. It is a Winnie the Pooh band aid on a severed artery. REAL cuts won’t happen until forced, there is too much waste entrenched in this government, to many people dependent on it. I am not talking about Social Security which people paid into their entire lives only to see that the government raided their savings. I am talking about the Federal Government being the largest employer in the country-all on borrowed money. Like an addict on crack, the machine has to be fed. The election outcome will not change that, the course is to far gone.


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Now I know, some may say that I am being pessimistic, that I am a “hater”, nothing can be further from the truth. I share this info with Joy in my heart, with knowledge that I can still make a difference and, that I can prepare for the inevitable government crash now and, be in position with cash when it crashes. I can still work my business. I can still network. I am still free to worship my Lord. I am blessed. Acknowledging a grim reality like the state of our government does not mean I have to be blind to my blessings or miss the opportunity that any situation has. I am building a very strong business, one networking meeting and e-mail at a time. It is exciting and fun. Yes, when the government crashes and, it will crash at some point just like Europe. That will negatively affect my business-no business will be immune. But there will be opportunities and, those opportunities will be greatest to those who are ready. Right now, today, you and I can live with Joy in our hearts. As I shared with my children this week… joy and happiness is a choice.


Joy is a choice. It is not always easy in the moment to choose joy. It takes practice and I am not perfect at it. I am getting better at it, every day brings opportunities to practice it and remember, bad times don’t last. There is always a blue sky after the rain. This is a GREAT time to be alive because, like it or not, it is YOUR time. We can’t choose the era we were placed in but, we can choose our impact and actions-choose wisely and enjoy.


So when you wake up Wednesday, whether your guy won or not, remember that you are still you and, you can choose greatness THIS day. You can choose joy. Now get out there and live the life you were created to live-be blessed!





Wishing you the best,


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Karen Schimpf 
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