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I thought I would preview the 6 deals we have that will close this month and give you a flavor of the types of transactions we are doing.  These deals are under $1 million.  THE BIG KEY to our Private Money fund is we LEND NATIONWIDE, SPEED AND EXECUTION.



We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone. Give us a call TODAY at 512-650-8630 to discuss your situation.

-$220,000 Foreign National purchase of a vacant apartment building.  Again, another group of Canadians are buying a small vacant apartment building.  Although this one has no rehab money in it, we often can get the rehab money as well.  We can take the purchase price, plus the rehab and costs and loan 60% of the entire deal. People are tapping this especially with apartment complexes to tap the booming apartment market.  Once they get it renovated and rented up, the profits can be north of 100% on their money using our leverage-sweet returns!


-$300,000 Business only loan for a School.   This was a repeat borrower who borrowed $200,000 from us a year ago and paid it off, now he is back for a $300,000 pop.  We love repeat clients if they have proven their ability to repay.  Get in on our good side, and you have the equivalent of an old time small town bank ready to give you money in a pinch with just your good name.

We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone. Give us a call TODAY at 512-650-8630 to discuss your situation.



-$150,000 Cash out refinance for foreign nationals.  YES WE DO FOREIGN NATIONALS.  This is a Canadian borrower who bought a property on the cheap, renovated it and now wants to pull his cash out.  Because he is just starting to rent it up, he can not go conventionally and wants to tap the cash to buy other properties.  We can do cash out to 50% and up to 60% on occasion.
-150,000 Debt consolidation refinance BLANKET LOAN.  This borrower had 11 condos in a condo community, what is called a fractured condo. In other words, he did not own all the condo’s in the complex-just a hodgepodge of them.  We did a blanket loan on the 11 condo’s and got a huge assortment of debts refinanced freeing up his balance sheet and improving his cash flow.

We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone. Give us a call TODAY at 512-650-8630 to discuss your situation.




-$350,000 Refinance of a ballooning note on a medical office building.  This borrower came to us just late last week after getting turned down by numerous banks because of his week 2012 tax returns. His note balloons at the end of the month and, the company that bought the note wants his property.  We issued him an approval late Friday-just 2 days for a commitment letter.  We are using the same appraiser that did his appraisal in 2010 who is promising a 2 week turn time.  We can also use recent bank ordered appraisals as is, just assigned over to us.  Assuming he signs our commitment letter by Monday, we will close this loan in less than 3 weeks, saving his property and his cash flow(it is a cash flowing building and most of the money he makes is from that building.


We are aggressively looking to put money out there…we have money to lend.  We will consider any property type-even some select business only transactions for franchises and the like.  If you have a deal that is under $1 million and, you or someone you know is having trouble with the banks or is in a pinch for money, give me a call.  We can get the deals done for you fast and our execution is unmatched. 

Wishing you the best,
Karen's signiture

Karen Schimpf
Commercial Capital, Ltd.
O: 512-650-8630



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