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The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.  The underwriting guidelines most banks use has not really changed over the last year.  There are more banks lending but, the new banks coming in are still underwriting with one eye toward the government regulators.  Private money is READILY available and, we seem to be doing more of those loans of late than SBA or investor loans.  Where I think the market HAS changed is in the availability of money on investor deals.  Banks, hedge funds, life companies and, conduits have plenty of money, and they are getting more and more aggressive on good investor deals.   Rates have held relatively steady although they are off their all time lows.  It is still a great time to refinance commercial debt or get money for business and, franchise financing.  Below are just smatterings of the deals we have closed recently.  It has been very busy and, when I am busy, businesses are getting money so this is a positive for the economy.

We Close More Commercial Loans than Anyone. Give us a call TODAY  at O:512-650-8630 or C: 512-354-5949


$865,000 Rate & Term Refinance of Owner Occupied Retail Bldg. 

            Where: California

Type: This was a repeat borrower who had gotten into this building for their business (two) 2 years ago with a SBA loan.  At the time, they needed to go SBA because of the financials of their business not being that strong.  However, since then their business has continued to grow and now they wanted to refinance to a long term fixed rate on a conventional loan and, remove the lien that they had on their house.  We were able to get them a 20 year fixed rate at sub 5%!  They closed and, were VERY happy.  I BRING MONEY FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO LOCAL MARKETPLACES INSURING THE BEST DEAL AND, THE HIGHEST LIKELIHOOD OF CLOSING.  I charge nothing to review any deal and, if approvable, get terms out.  You risk nothing trying me for your next commercial deal.

Call TODAY to discuss your deal at O:512-650-8630.




            Where: Maryland

Type: This was a doctor that had been turned down by Bank of America and, we got them done with NO MONEY DOWN on her purchase of a commercial building for her practice.  It included some rehab money and, we even rolled in some working capital and the closing costs-a true NO MONEY DOWN situation.  We do have 100% financing for doctors, dentists and, veterinarians.  We have multiple sources for these types of loans so that we can get the deal done with certainty and often, the very best rate.    Using me will usually increase your closing chances AND improve your rate. Why would you go anywhere else?

We Close More Doctor Loans than Anyone. Give us a call TODAY at O:512-650-8630 or C: 512-354-5949





            Where: Chicago

Type:  This one was done on our private money fund.  The borrower was Canadian and he needed to tap the equity in his Chicago Apartment complex to purchase another complex.  He had tried some other brokers he thought were lenders and, they did not come through for him.  You have to be careful.  There are a lot of brokers that try to pass themselves off as lenders and they look and smell like real lenders.  The question you need to ask is… Do they service their own loans?  Our private money fund is the lender, they collect the checks and, if the loan goes bad… they have to foreclose.  It is real private money lending.  Because of their failure to get his deal done, he was now in danger of losing the property.  If he did not get the cash out in 3 weeks, he was going to miss out on the incredible deal he was getting since the seller had an all cash offer as a back up.  We got it done and, got him his money.  Even though he was NOT a US citizen and did NOT have a green card or US credit.  We can fund these types of loans and most all of our loans in less than 4 weeks.   


 Wishing you the best,
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Karen Schimpf
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