Are The Banks Loosening Their Credit?


The latest results are in for the month of December and it appears that big banks are beginning to loosen their credit-at least on the surface.  The report shows that the big banks, those with assets in excess of $10 Billion approved 21% of their loan applications up from 17%.  Look at that number-21%….that means they DENIED 79% of the loan applications they took!  WOW! I have seen numerous articles applauding that number!  Meanwhile smaller banks approved almost 49% which was worse than Decembers-so the smaller banks have begun to pull back!  Although that 49% approval is much higher percentage wise than the big banks, it still represents a coin toss for the client-a 50/50 chance of denial if you apply at a bank for credit.  Wow.

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WE BEAT THE BANKS ON APPROVALS!  Of the loan applications that we bring in, we are getting over 84% approved!  So, if you apply at a big bank, you have only a 1 in 5 chance of getting approved.  At smaller banks, less than a 50% chance.  Or with us, over an 80% chance of approval-it seems to me that this would be the smart move.  Yet most people still apply at the banks because they either don’t know any better or they think the interest rates are better.  But here is a secret.

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WE BEAT THE BANKS ON RATES!  Solomon was referred to me by a high end client named Jesse whom I have closed a couple of loans with already. He already had bank approval on his apartment complex but Jesse told him he should give me a call.  His small class C apartment complex in OK cash flowed nice.  Solomon had good credit and assets.  His bank approval was 4.5%, I got him approved at 4.1%-almost a half a percent lower in rate!  Mine was NO RECOURSE.  Rates have come down and for large Class A properties we can get rates in the 3’s potentially-WOW!

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YOU RISK NOTHING GIVING ME A CALL-I will pre-screen any loan scenario for FREE.  If it looks solid, and you can get me the basic information, I can have terms in writing in 48 hours ALL WITH NO COST. You can choose at that time whether you want to move forward or keep looking…I am the only no-risk option in commercial.  So give me a call today-with high approvals, and better rates, and no costs for a quote in writing-what do you have to lose?
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P.S.  I specialize in SBA for hotel loans, c-store loans, car wash loans and Alternative Commercial Loans for apartment loans, foreign national loans etc.  I help entrepreneurs attain financing for their business or project. I BRING MONEY FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO LOCAL MARKETPLACES INSURING THE MOST LIKELIHOOD OF CLOSING. The key is placing the borrower with the lender that most suits that borrower’s strengths. I do it better than anyone.  Give me a call today at O:512-650-8630 or C:512-354-5949 to get your loan closed.
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