Hold on Lending-What to Do When Can’t Get Loans For Small Business

Some lenders are putting a hold on Lending. If you are coming up against this problem, you might want to consider other options in order to get a loan for small business or franchise loan. You have a couple of options:

    2.Securities Loan.  – This program is an alternative to traditional financing. You use your securities as collateral while staying in the market and benefit from the twofold appreciable assets.
    -You borrow up to 75 to 85% of the value of the securities.
    -The program has a lot of flexibility.
    For example the payment is interest only and can be paid quarterly.
    -The rate can be as low as 4%
    -The title on the securities is shared jointly.

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    2.IRA Loan.  – This is another source for small business funding.
    -What is great is that there are no tax penalties!
    -You can use up to 95% in your IRA or 401/k.
    -The rates are typically Libor +2.3% to 2.9%.

    With this new loan products you can get a franchise loan and get small business funding.


    3.Asset Based Loan.  Asset-based loan make secured loans for purchases of equipment or inventory.

      4. Factors .  – buys unpaid invoices at a discount.

        5. Merchant Cash Advance .  Pay up front for the right to collect a share of a retailer’s future credit-card sales.

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