Is Construction Lending Beginning To Ease?

I send out a lot of loans to a lot of lenders.  I have a really good read about how lenders are feeling at the moment about the market.  By and large, over the last month or so, I have seen A HUGE SLOWDOWN in lender’s willingness to take on construction projects.  Many of them are saying it is too late in the cycle to begin construction projects, or they have filled their pipelines and no longer want to add any more construction.  It is not one sector or area of the country, it is pretty consistent nationwide.


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Keep in mind, projects you see going up around you now got approved months ago or even a year ago.  It takes time for a construction project to come to fruition.  In most cases, you are looking at 3-5 years for completion and stabilization.  I am hearing from many sources this time frame is just too far out to feel comfortable at this point in the cycle.


NOT EVERYONE HAS PULLED BACK!  JUST LAST WEEK I GOT A GROUND UP HOTEL CONSTRUCTION LOAN APPROVED ON THE SBA 504 PRODUCT AND A $15 MILLION DOLLAR STUDENT HOUSING LOAN APPROVED WITH A PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION LENDER.  There ARE aggressive sources still lending, just a lot less than there were 6 months ago.  They are STILL out there.  I know who they are and, I can help your project get funded.

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If you have a deal that you are struggling to get financed, why not send it my way?  I do NOT charge anything to review the loan and tell you whether it is fundable or not.  If it is, I can typically have pre-approval in writing in 48 hours!  It is quick, it is free and, it is painless.  Give me a call today at 512-354-5949 and let me help you get that project funded!

Karen Schimpf
P.S.  Don’t forget about our PRIVATE MONEY LOANS:
Sometimes loans can NOT get done conventionally or through SBA.  Whether it is because they have to close in 2 weeks,  the credit is horrible or some other factor, sometimes no bank will touch a loan.  In those cases, private money may be an option.  We have our OWN private money and we have a lot of money to lend.   Both underwriting and credit committee are in house.    If both like it, we will issue a commitment and close the loan as long as appraisal and title come in fine.  We WILL accept bank ordered appraisals if they are recently done.  In those cases, we can close lightning quick, we actually closed a loan once in 5 days!  Although 3 weeks is more the norm.  Our in house product, we will do loans as small as $100,000 and as large as $2.0 million.  We have lender partners that can close loans up to $50,000,000!  When speed is needed and certainty of funding matters, we are the BEST option available- so call today for a free pre-qualification or to discuss options that may be available to you at 512-354-5949.
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