Second Chance in Commercial or Business Lending

              Second Chances….

There is something beautiful about second chances.  When a married couple moves past the hurt and gives it’s love another chance-God smiles.  When a family member forgives a slight and forgets the hurt and opens up the relationship again-lives can be changed.  When a friend, slighted by another, steps out in faith and opens up himself or herself to friendship again, there is healing and beauty there.  God is a God of second chances and when we dare to act the same way, to risk hurt and pain again to open ourselves up to another, we truly show God’s love.

At Commercial Capital, we are big advocates of second chances. You may say we are the “second chance lender”.  Over 90% OF OUR CLOSED LOANS GOT DENIED SOMEWHERE ELSE FIRST, AND THEN CAME TO US FOR A SECOND CHANCE.  And we put in the sweat and the effort to make it happen.  To get that business started, to salvage that property, to get that cash quick-whatever the situation, we work hard to provide those second chances. We are advocates of the underdog-it is in our DNA.
Take for example Phillip L.  He started a Bible Study in his house that had now grown into a church that was too big for the house, they needed a building.  And an inexpensive church property opened up right near his home-a perfect property.  Philip made good money in his job, and had over 30% to put down, but the church had no real financials, and no bank would touch it.  But then he was referred to us by the Realtor.  And we liked his credit and income and believed enough in what he was doing to give him a private money loan from our own fund.  He got the property, and a year from now, with track record and financials, we will refinance him into a bank loan.  When the banks say no, we
say yes.
If you or someone you know needs a second chance in commercial or business lending, think of us and give us a call at (512)650-8630.  We’ll listen, we will figure out a way to make it work if at all possible, we’ll even pray with you if you need it but we will be here to help.  We have been in business since 1995 and just had our best commercial loan writing quarter EVER.  You don’t keep growing that long in business if you are not doing some good things.  Give us a call today with all your commercial or business lending needs at (512)650-8630.
Be blessed!
Karen Schimpf
P.S.  WE have money and we do not charge ANYTHING to get you to that term sheet and we NEVER CHARGE APPLICATION FEES that are NON-Refundable.  That’s right, we are the ONLY NO RISK OPTION IN COMMERCIAL.  I will preview your loan, and quickly determine whether we can get it closed or not and if so, we will have terms in 48 hours from receipt of the basic docs.  No cost, no risk.  We close you or we make NOTHING.  IF YOUR CURRENT BANK IS SAYING NO OR WORSE, TAKING FOREVER TO DECIDE, GIVE ME A CALL TODAY.  I will have you quick answers and you’ll be on your way to a closing-just call Karen Schimpf at (512)650-8630.  Give me a call today!
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