Franchise Loans

Tweet Franchise Financing It’s 30% Of Our Business! cc: by We close a lot of loans. Through the years, franchise financing has been a staple of our business.  As I crunch the numbers, franchise financing is consistently 30% or more of our business and last month was no exception. Give me a CALL TODAY  at … Continue reading “Franchise Loans”

Minority Loans

Tweet   Minority Loans cc: by $760,000 Daycare Purchase with damaged credit…. This borrower ran a successful daycare and wanted to buy a vacant daycare building and open a second location.  The problem was she had derogatories on her credit and her score was too low for banks to do on an SBA Loan.  But … Continue reading “Minority Loans”

Let’s Talk Money

Tweet Let’s Talk Money cc: by   Businesses need money. Period.  I have never seen a business go out of business because they had too much money.  There is a constant need in small businesses for cash.  WE HAVE SOME AMAZING sources of cash available to small businesses and I want to share just a … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Money”

Financed Investment Property where Borrower had Weak Credit Scores

Tweet -5-Unit Multifamily -Loan Amount $440,000 – Strengths 67%LTV – Strengths 1.27 DSCR -Weaknesses: Borrower’s credit score was low (620) and weak credit history.   Give me a call today to finance your deal at 512-650-86230                                                                           Alt A Property Types:   Multifamily, Mixed Use, Retail, Lt Industrial, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Park. Loan Amount:       $200,000 … Continue reading “Financed Investment Property where Borrower had Weak Credit Scores”