Commercial Mortgage Loan – Understanding CAP Rates

Tweet   by  edenpictures  A lot of times you will hear people talk about CAP rates in commercial mortgage loan. When I first started doing commercial, I didn’t understand it and asked a bunch of lender reps. Very few lender reps even understood it. They just had a basic idea. But I assure you, underwriters know about … Continue reading “Commercial Mortgage Loan – Understanding CAP Rates”

Investment Property Loan Going to Higher Loan to Values

Tweet   by  .Larry Page  Click on the arrow below to see the short video about Investment Property Loan becoming more available. You will find this helpful especially if you are needing to refinance investment property at the higher loan to value. Wishing You the Best, Karen Schimpf Toll: 866-400-8630 Phone: 512-650-8630 Share this:

Investment Property Loan…The Difference Between Residential and Commercial

Tweet What is the difference between a residential and commercial investment property? You will need to know this because this will determine who you will approach to do your investment property mortgage. A commercial lender provides financing for multifamily of 5 units or more, and other properties like office buildings, mixed use buildings etc. and … Continue reading “Investment Property Loan…The Difference Between Residential and Commercial”